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Aging in Place
Aging in Place is the ability to live in your home of choice safely, confidently and comfortably as long as possible. Available aging in place supportive products and solutions may improve livability.

Universal Design
Universal Design is the concept of designing products and environments to be as usable as possible by people of all ages and abilities, without the need for adaptations or changes.

Home Modifications
Home modifications are changes and additions to living environments to promote safety and independence. Common modifications include adding handrails and grab bars, adding lever handles, widening doorways and adding higher height toilets. Modifications can be as extensive as full scale bathroom remodeling projects, adding ramps or elevators.

Educational Resources

AARP HomeFit Guide The AARP HomeFit Guide was created to help people stay in the home they love by turning where they live into a “lifelong home” suitable for themselves and anyone in their household. The guide offers solutions that range from simple do-it-yourself fixes to improvements that require skilled expertise.

Practical Guide to Universal Home Design This guide includes a room-by-room checklist that can help you consider your options and increase the ease and flexibility of your home. These common sense features can make your home a more pleasant place to live.

AOTA Tips for Remaining-in-Place in Your Home An occupational therapist will work with you to ensure that recommendations to increase independence and safety are specific to your wants and needs, skills, environment, budget, and other criteria. The following tips come from occupational therapy practitioners who work with older adults to help them stay in their homes.

National Aging In Place Council (NAIPC) ACT III Planning Guide This guide is designed to help you make your plan for Aging in Place. It walks you through the essential concerns to sustain a safe and secure lifestyle in your home.

AoA Home Modification Fact Sheet This fact sheet gives tips and resources for implementing home modifications to promote safety and ease of use.

Principles of Universal Design Poster This poster outlines the 7 principles of universal design.